Ciao, I'm Camilla and, if you want, I will be the wedding planner who, from Lake Garda, will support you in organizing your wedding.

I work mainly in the provinces of Verona, Mantua and Brescia, but I have no problems moving throughout Italy, having developed a substantial network of contacts over the years.


In 2009, after graduating in “public relations and advertising” and “brand and consumer communication and strategy”, I embarked on this fascinating profession.

Initially my aspirations were different, given my educational and work experiences, my dream was to work in the advertising sector. For this reason I developed an aesthetic sense, creativity and pragmatics.

As I often say, in reality,
the job of wedding planner
"fell on me", how?

Since I was little I have always observed my mother in her work, so I decided to try and gain experience at a large event design agency and from that moment on I was convinced!

It was easy to combine the principles learned in various sectors with my mother’s work, which I am expanding.

I want to always be updated, I love the contact with the spouses, I love the feeling we create and the ideas that arise.

It’s fascinating to get in tune with them, often breaking away from stereotypes and rules, the spontaneity of the ideas excites me and I always try to follow what they want, advising them.

This is the basis for creating tailor-made weddings and not copies of others!

I believe that the wedding day should be a moment of celebration and sharing, where both guests and guests are catapulted into a situation that makes them feel good and have fun.

It excites me to see the newlyweds relaxed and completely immersed in their day, without worries and fully enjoying the moment and it fills me with pride to notice how the guests get involved and appreciate every moment of the event.

I always expect the best for my clients, which is why I am very careful in choosing suppliers who can best fulfill their wishes.

organizzazione festa - party planner
I absolutely don’t want to leave anything to chance and I want the people who put themselves in my hands to feel calm and safe, but, above all, to experience a moment (which goes from the preparation to the wedding itself) of happiness, pleasure and tranquility. Only in this way will they be able to remember the big day as something special and unforgettable.


Thanks to my mother (and I will never stop thanking her), I have been doing this job since 2009 and in all these years I have seen a lot. I have worked for spouses who met two months before and who from that moment decided to love each other for life (and who still, I guarantee, do so!) and couples born as lifelong friends, who have been together just as long. and who have sealed their unbreakable bond with marriage… and a few children!

I have also had the satisfaction of winning prizes and being mentioned on sites in Italy and abroad and, although I am also asked by some magazines to give my professional contribution, I have never sat on my laurels and I don’t intend to do so, because fundamentally I am never satisfied and I always try to improve myself and do something more.
For me it is always an honor to be chosen by couples among many. To tell the truth, I’m not the classic personality all kisses and pleasantries, on the contrary, most of the time I’m quite pragmatic, which makes me understand that they see value, research, transparency and professionalism in me.
Per To find out in detail about my educational and professional experiences, I refer you to my LinkedIn profile:

A bit of history...​

via fontana 30” was born in 1992 in the historic center of Peschiera del Garda (province of Verona), with Patrizia’s desire to offer original and quality articles. Since then it has been the place where spouses can find absolutely creative and one-of-a-kind solutions. creative and and one-of-a-kind solutions.

Our mission​

Creating and realizing each event that is different from the other, without ever repeating ourselves, with the creativity and ethics  that have always distinguished us. We work on the customer’s side and put our knowledge at his complete disposal.
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